Exhaust Scrubber Systems

The equipment is developed under the assistance of major European manufacturers and consists of a Horizontal Cross-Flow scrubber system as well as a Vertical Flow scrubber system. Waste gas reroutes into the packed tower, where waste gas and the chemical solution make optimal contact to produce a chemical absorption reaction. The treated gas passes through the dehydrator to remove liquid, and the treated clean air releases into the atmosphere. The treated chemical solution will pass through a pH controller and dosing system to be recycled and reused, thereby reducing the treatment of wastewater and risk of contamination.

Product Description


  • Scrubber systems of differing dimensions can be designed according to the needs or restrictions of the space.  Custom made products are also available.
  • Single phase or multiphase fill layer designs are available, providing optimal flexibility of the system.
  • Optimal treatment efficiency. Easy to operate and to maintain.
  • Chemical solution can be recycled for reuse and reducing the problem of wastewater emission.
  • Optimal gas/liquid contact, minimal pressure loss.
  • The equipment utilizes PLC automated operations with no need for manual control.
  • Materials are available in FRP, PP, PVC, PVC + FRP or stainless steel products, etc.
  • Dimensions can be custom-made according to the characteristic of the waste gas or the requirements of the client.


  • Treatment of waste gas produced during the electronic, semiconductor and optoelectronic manufacturing processes.
  • Treatment of waste gas produced during various industrial plant production processes.
  • Deodorization of waste gas in sewage treatment plants.
  • Treatment of waste gas produced in incinerators and industrial furnaces.