Chemical Dosing Systems

The acidic/alkaline waste gas are produced during the production process reoutes into the wet scrubber system for processing through the exhaust ducts and fans. The dosing system is installed in the scrubber system (including dosing machine, pH controller, conductivity controller, dosing barrel and dosing piping, etc.). An appropriate amount of chemical solutions are added into the scrubber system, and the acidic/alkaline waste gases will be absorbed and removed via chemical reactions. The treated air is then released into the atmosphere.

Product Description


  • PLC automatic operations, no need for manual operation.
  • Treatment chemical solution can be recycled and reused after pH regulation, thereby reducing the amount of  chemical solution used as well as the problem of wastewater  emission.
  • Optimal treatment efficiency. Easy to operate and to maintain.


  • Treatment of waste gas produced during electronic, semiconductor and opto-electronic manufacturing process.
  • Treatment of waste gas produced during various industrial plant production processes.
  • Deodorization of waste gas in sewage treatment plants.
  • Treatment of waste gas produced in incinerators and industrial furnaces.